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Click Here to View NFHS Soccer Rules Changes(2018/19)
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Meetings/Events Calendar

Game Report:

  1. Fill in report by evening of each game.
  2. Each referee needs to fill one out.
  3. Fill a report for all levels of play.
  4. Be sure to provide details on your match reports for cautions, send-offs, and injuries in the description sections of your game report.
  5. Double check for accuracy before submitting report.

Uniform Requirements for 2018:

  1. Fall 2018 and thereafter: All officials need to use the new USSF uniform style and colors.  All officials need to have yellow, green and blue jerseys and 3-striped socks.

JV/Varsity Officiating Qualifications:

  1. Be in good standing by being current with dues.
  2. Not currently on probation for violation of DIAA or DSOA rules and guidelines.
  3. Attend the annual DIAA HS Rules Clinic or take the Online Version.  Due Sept 22.
  4. Concussion Course Certificate must still be valid each year. Due Aug 25.
  5. Take and Pass the annual NFHS Rules Test: Score >=75%. Due Sept 9.
  6. Attend 50% of the DSOA Scheduled Training Meetings Each season.

Tournament Qualifications in Addition to above:
  1. Officiate 7 Varsity Matches at minimum each season.
  2. Pass the annual NFHS Rules Test: Score >=85%. Due Sep 9.
  3. Pass the fitness each year or provide certification of passing NISOA or USSF Test.
  4. Proficient in 3-man mechanics.
  5. Demonstrated ability to work a competitive match.
  6. Attend the Tournament Training Meeting each season.

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