Girls’ Soccer – Tournament 2022

Mon, Feb 28, 2022   – First Practice Date for Spring Sports
Mon, March 21, 2022  – First Competition Date for Spring Sports

Wed, May 18, 2022  –  Last Competition Date

Girls’ Soccer Tournament Playoff Dates
Sat, May 21, 2022 –  D2 – 1st Round
Wed, May 25, 2022 –  D1 & D2 – Quarterfinals
Thu,  May 26, 2022 –  D1 & D2 – Quarterfinals
Wed, Jun 1, 2022 –  D1 & D2 – Semifinals 
Fri, June 3, 2022- D1 & D2 Girls Soccer Championship Game (possible June 4)

Meetings 2022

General Meeting (Spring #2) – April 2, 2022 – at Caravel

General Meeting (Spring #1) – March 1, 2022 – Online

Meetings 2020-2021

General Meeting (8.18.2021)

General Meeting + Nomination Meeting (4.28.21)

Treasurer Nomination Meeting Minutes – 1-21-2021

General Meeting Minutes 12-3-2020

General Meeting Minutes – 11_11_2020

2020 Soccer Rules Clinic

Please review the DIAA information and Rules Interpreter Presentation before taking the online quiz.

2020 Rules Clinic Webinar Recording

2020 DIAA Presentation

2020 Rules Interpreter Presentation

2020 Soccer Rules Clinic Quiz 

2020 Soccer Rules Exam


General Meeting (10.8.20)

The General Membership Meeting was be held online on Thursday, October 8, 2020.


OFFICIALS – Please inspect the goals prior to the match. Goals must be anchored to the ground or counter balanced so they can not blow over or tip over.   If not safe the issue must be corrected or the games(s) will not be played. Schools are to be given reasonable time to correct the situation.  



Please be advised while it is your responsibility to ensure that the goals are properly anchored or counter weighted, IT IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to actually physically move sand bags or other items to the goals, OR THE GOALS THEMSELVES as this is the responsibility of the school or the club where games are being played.  If you secure the goals yourself then you run the risk being held responsible for BOTH your duty to approve the goal security AND the materials and technique used in the process.  NFHS insurance will defend you as a Referee for the first part but may not be as helpful with the second part.  If the goals can not or will not be moved into position or can not be secured or counter weighted, please politely instruct the coaches that you will not be able to play the game.  You will receive your game fee.

Test & Online Clinic Deadline


DSOA Membership Meetings –  Officials are required to attend all meetings, and if you cannot make a particular meeting, you must let Tyler Edelman and Marina Stewart know ahead of time. You have to attend a minimum of 50% of scheduled meetings in order to be in good standing and be considered for the Post Season Tournament. Meetings are listed in your schedule.


MEETING 1 – 3/1/2022

2021-2022 Referee Game Rates

  • Varsity (2-person games) $77
  • Varsity (3-person) Center $87 and ARs $72
  • JV $56
  • MS $55
  • CYM Varsity $47
  • CYM JV $35