Referee Uniforms

  • Uniform Guidelines –They are as follows and cannot be changed, modified or otherwise differ from what is listed below. 
    • Jerseys – USSF NEW/CURRENT STYLE MANDATORY on all VARSITY matches. Both officials must be wearing the same color and this will include the pink USSF style jersey.
    • JV – Each official must match color AND STYLE, however, if you have the older style, that is one style before the new one, you may wear it AS LONG AS YOUR PARTNER has the same.
Referee Required Equipment  (2 shirts Minimum Yellow and Green suggested. Flags required if working 3-person games)
    • SHORTS – SOLID BLACK no stripes. No belted shorts or gym shorts permitted.
    • SOCKS – BLACK 3 stripe no logo, or USSF two stripe sock.  Officials MUST MATCH. PINK Socks with stripes may be worn with the pink shirt In OCTOBER ONLY.  So the pink shirt can be worn anytime with black socks but only pink socks can only be worn with the pink shirt in October.
    • COLD & RAIN WEATHER – BLACK ONLY undergarment may be worn under the short sleeve jersey, your partner is permitted to wear long sleeve of same color.  BLACK rain pants and black jacket are permitted in rainy conditions.

Where to buy uniforms