Post Season Requirements

Officials must fill out the form at the left to notify the Tournament Committee that they wish to be considered for post season assignments.  This form is to be filled out no later than two weeks after the start of the season. 

  1. The referee must be an active member who is eligible for assignments
  2. DIAA Mandatory Requirement – Attend the clinic either online or in person
  3. DIAA Mandatory Requirement – Pass the NFHS test with an 85% or higher
  4. DIAA Mandatory Requirement – Taken the NFHS Concussion Course
  5. DIAA Mandatory Requirement – Not currently on probation for violation of DIAA rules and guidelines
  6. DSOA Requirement – Attended the required number of DSOA meetings (at least half of scheduled meetings)
  7. DSOA Requirement – Been assigned at least seven varsity games throughout the season
  8. DSOA Requirement – Referees that are assigned as the “whistle” must pass a fitness test or provide written certification of passing NISOA or USSF test
  9. DSOA Requirement – Be in good standing by being current with dues
  10. DSOA Requirement – Not currently on probation for violation of DIAA or DSOA rules and guidelines
  11. DSOA Requirement – Tournament Meetings:  Officials who have attended four DSOA tournament training meetings will not be required to attend another tournament meeting provided they continuously accept assignments in the tournament.  If they are unable to participate in a tournament for a season, they will have to attend a tournament meeting prior to receiving new tournament assignments.
  12. DSOA Requirement – Satisfactory demonstrated competency in USSF 3-man mechanics.
  13. DSOA Requirement – Demonstrated the ability to work a competitive match.
  14. Placed blocks in ArbiterSports and communicated to the Assignor days unable to work during the entire span of the tournament as well as any team or divisional blocks. 

Requirements of Officials AssignedOfficials must be extremely aware that assignments are made on their availability and willing to work ANY ASSIGNMENT that is given.  Officials with a restriction on the level or position of assignment should communicate these in writing to the Secretary prior to the tournament.  An official that declines any part of his assignment may be removed from all assignments for the tournament.  Those officials who decline their assignments after they have been published need to provide a reason why, after making themselves available for the tournament, they have declined their assignments.

Duties Of the 4th Official